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We are the leading specialists in Door supervision and Security operating in Manchester, London and across areas of the UK.

'Our guards ensure your assets, staff and guests are safe at all time


Site Security

Safe and Secure

Security guards are an invaluable asset to ensure the security of your business/event is not compromised. Guards can be deployed to protect assets on a variety of sites from Construction to Warehouses or Vacant Properties

Reduce Risks

Site security officers are the best deterrent for thieves and vandals. With regular and monitored foot patrols of every site the opportunity will never arise to these sorts of people. This means the schedule of build can always be maintained, saving our clients time and money.

Dog Handling

Guarding services can be intensified by upgrading or adding our qualified Dog Handlers when and were necessary.

Door Supervision

Unique Data Led Approach

Our use of a dedicated in house analytics department is core to our Door Supervisor Teams. Using data to assist in creating strategies’ and forward planning helps us provide a PROACTIVE NOT REACTIVE security operation to our clients. Therefore nothing is missed in the planning stage, ensuring a safe night for all.

Experienced Staff

Our management team has over 35 years combined experience in door supervision and all of our door supervisors are trained to a minimum standard of Level 2 Door Supervision with Conflict Management training, operating in accordance with BS 7960:2016. Our area managers support each venues team, sharing best working practices and providing continuous training.

Nationally Renowned

We are the leading specialists in door supervision and security operating in Manchester, London and across the UK.

Eventful. In a good way.


Peace of mind security.


CCTV Monitoring

24/7 Monitored Surveillance

Our CCTV Monitoring Service ensures your site is secured from theft, vandalism and deliberate damage. We specialise in CCTV in Live Entertainment and Construction Site Security Settings.

Remote Access

The CCTV cameras continually run and record throughout the day, available to be watched remotely. The outside detectors come on automatically when the site closes to ensure out of hours security.

Mobile Patrols

Mobile Patrols are continually fed live information with the ability to provide rapid response to any incidents that may arise.

Installation and Upgrade

We can supply and fit upgrades to existing CCTV units upon request.

Feel welcome and secure.



Ensuring Safety

Our professional concierge staff  are vital to ensuring guests, staff and residents feel safe and welcome within their apartment complex, office or anywhere that requires a front of house service.

Identify Arising Issues

An effective concierge security service depends on building a relationship with staff and/or residents. This isn’t just for a better atmosphere, but to identify potential troublemakers.

Car Park Management

Stopping vandalism

Our Car Park Management Services can help you enforce the rules on site, whilst providing being a deterrent against vandalism and anti-social behaviour.

Preventing Issues

Our specialist team can understand the issues facing parking sites in the modern era. This includes obstacles such as traffic control and customer safety. 

Keep your car park controlled.


Ensuring your crowd remains safe.

Event Security & Crowd Control

Our Event Security and Crowd Control service prevents the outbreak of disorderly conduct within crowds as well as protecting vulnerable members of the audience at your event.

Effective crowd management is about managing expected and unexpected crowd occurrences and dealing with them accordingly. Our professional team are experienced with dealing with these situations as they arise.

Retail Security & Loss Prevention

Hidden in plain sight

Our retail security services are applicable in a range of sectors from supermarkets to clothing stores. We also provide Plain Clothed Store Detectives to ensure a greater level of security and prevent loss in your store. We also spot data trends to understand what security package works best in your retail scenario.

COVID-19 Safety

Our team ensures COVID-19 guidelines will be followed including ensuring use of Masks and Hand Sanitation throughout the premises

Securing your Business from merchandise theft.


Peace of mind security.


Keyholding (Building Management)

Peace of mind.

Our keyholding solution removes both risk and inconvenience of responding to the alarm outside of hours. This response can be linked to any device to send out a signal to your alarm centre.

Fast Response

Our keys are securely logged and stored, ensuring added peace of mind. Our response staff carry out a full internal and external inspection so you can be assured that your property is safe.

We can also provide an Opening and Lock Up Service to ensure your building is secured correctly and safely by a trained security professional.

Assisted Lock Up

We can also provide an Opening and Lock Up Service to ensure your building is secured correctly and safely by a trained security professional.