Our Services

Cleaning & Maintenance

Our bespoke cleaning and maintenance solution utilises state of the art, collaborative techniques and materials to deliver you the highest quality of service.

Our wide range of Professional Cleaning Services ensure peace of mind that your environment is safe and hygenic.



Office/Commercial & Retail Clean

At Delta Facilities our approach is to provide a bespoke service that suits the requirements of your business.

No Matter the size of the business we can offer a package to ensure a perfect cleaning service without any disruption to the day to day running of your operation.

Whether it be daily, weekly or monthly we will set a schedule tailor made to you. We offer everything from general office cleaning to deep cleans of furniture, carpet and window cleaning.

A member of our team will attend a site visit to run through everything that is required.


We can offer an out of hours service where we will clean all surfaces and floors, display windows and staff areas.

Sparkle Cleans

This is a perfect cleaning solution for landlords and property developers. This service ensures that all areas such as walls and floors are thoroughly cleaned before they are handed to new tenants or put on the market.

We offer bespoke packages for show homes and new developments that are sure to give the “sparkle factor”.

Emergency COVID-19 Clean

We complete a full COVID-19 risk assessments for any site we provide manned staff to, whether it be cleaning or security to ensure our staff are supporting clients individual COVID-19 processes and adhering to any sector specific regulations.

Need a pair of extra, experienced hands to ensure your staff and customers are following you business’ new COVID-19 protocols? Trained COVID-19 Marshalls can be provided to help any size business in any setting, enforce this, to ensure you are maintaining the Health and Safety of all involved with your business.

If a member of your staff test positive COVID- 19, your business premises is required to close for an unspecified amount of time to ensure the areas are a safe working environment for all members of staff and public. This involves a deep clean to all areas of the premises, specifically public and shared space.

Delta facilities is able to assist immediately should this situation arise. We will liase with you to arrange for all staff/public to leave the premises as soon as is reasonably possible and at such time our team will be put in place to carry out the clean.

The deep clean will involve making sure that all frequently touched surfaces are fully disinfected and sanitised for example: door knobs, elevator buttons, door handles, desk drawers, light switches, control pads, taps, remotes, hand rails.

Depending on the size of the facility and your requirements we can also provide specialist teams to fog areas to ensure they are fully sanitised.

Our COVID-19 Cleaning service ensures your colleagues and customers can return to work safe and protected.


We provide Ground Maintenance for commercial, private and public sector customers to maintain their green space.


Ground Maintenance

At Delta Facilities we know that the outside of a building reflects the inside.

We can offer a tailor made package for your outside area which could include any of the following:

  • Jet Washing
  • Landscaping
  • Rubbish Removal
  • Window Cleaning